Submit Your Songs

Bands: want to be featured on Out of the Basement? Awesome. We don’t care how “established” or popular your band is…if we like it, we’ll play it.

Our show broadcasts live, on actual real-life FM radio, and reaches hundreds of thousands of potentially-listening sets of earholes in Alaska’s largest city via 106.1FM, KONR-LP Anchorage. It also streams live on to listeners around the world, and is archived on our MixCloud page. We are fully licensed and report our tracklists, so if you are a member of a performing rights organization you’ll be getting the appropriate royalties (cha-ching!). 

Please fill out the form below. The rules are: it has to ROCK (can be anything from singer-songwriter to punk to metal but please don’t send us your EDM solo project or whatever), and we need something RADIO CLEAN.

This means that you intend to send songs that contain no profanity or sexually explicit material that would result in the FCC getting all cranky with me for playing them. If you don't know what this means, please Google it. This does not mean that every single song has to be clean, just that you have some material that is suitable for radio in the United States.