Out of the Basement isn’t a job, it’s not even a hobby, it’s a mission. Here’s some self-righteous ramblings about why we do what we do.

There are a lot of rad bands out there. All over the world, people are making music. A lot of it is really fuckin’ good. There are tons of awesome bands out there grinding it out, writing songs, making records, playing shows and booking tours; an endless supply of new music is waiting for you.

Corporate radio plays an ever-smaller pool of music. They want to sell advertisements, and cut costs, in order to turn a profit. In order to do that, they need to get the most listeners possible. Therefore it’s much safer for them to play a few bands that “everybody” already likes, instead of taking a chance on something new. All the while whittling down on the fun and spontaneity by doing things like piping in canned programming instead of real local DJs, all to save a buck. 

Corporate radio serves advertisers — not listeners or bands. They don’t care about the music you hear; they only care that you hear the advertisements. And they certainly don’t give a shit about helping blue-collar bands. They have accountants in some office tower in Denver or somewhere telling them what they’re supposed to play. That’s because the vast majority of stations of all genres and format are controlled by a few companies, all run out of the same handful of offices. 

Out of the Basement short-circuits the system. We aren’t on corporate radio — we’re on community radio. Our station’s mission is to bring educational material to our city, and we help achieve that goal by informing the public about the new and emerging artists. We aren’t motivated by profit. We don’t have any advertisers. We aren’t controlled by someone in another city. Thanks to Out North Radio we can help spread the weird. If we like it, we play it!

We are here for the listener. We know how bad it sucks when a station plays the same songs over and over and over and over again. We know that it’s hard to find new bands to add to your playlist when the media these days just focuses on the same acts you’ve already heard a zillion times. We bring you rock you’ve never heard before with all-underground music and several new bands debuting every week. 

And, we are here for the bands. We know how hard it is to promote yourself and get a leg-up when you’re a working band, and the world is designed to milk a handful of generic acts for every dollar they’re worth. We know that one of the biggest struggles these bands face is connecting with fans outside of their home town, and that’s why we want people in Anchorage (and beyond) to hear YOU. 

That’s why every week we blast out two hours of underground rock music — the type of stuff the other stations are too afraid to play.